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Nik Patel

Nik Patel

Nik Patel is a Software Consultant with an entrepreneur mindset. He knows how to take an idea from napkin to traction with limited resources and specializes in finding an optimum technology solution that fits the market needs. He has worked with a variety of businesses ranging from indie hackers to enterprises.

As a human being, Nik strongly believes in "Paying it forward" by mentoring, hosting workshops, speaking at local meetups, and advising non-technical founders. He is actively involved in learning more about different cultures, studying software engineering ethics, and promoting diversity in the technology industry.

Nik's background

Nik has nearly ten years of experience working as a technologist. He has completed B.S. in Civil Engineering and M.S. in Computer Science. During his career, he has continued to work on many technology stacks, database systems, and IT infrastructure to create scalable, resilient, and adaptable software systems.

He has developed CRM, healthcare applications, communication software (e.g., chat, SMS, email, MMS, voice, etc.), hiring portal, custom reporting system, and many more software applications in the past few years. Nik takes pride in the quality of his work including one time when he saved $100k+ in licensing fees for the client by developing in-house client management software in just two months.


Nik's skills

Nik has nearly ten years of experience working as a technologist.


  • Languages: C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Vb.NET, Clojure
  • Frameworks: .NET, .NET core, Node, Express, Flask, Django, WebApi, SignalR, RxJS, Xamarin, Git
  • Frontend: Angular1.x-4+, React, Knockout, Jquery, HTML5, SCSS
  • Data Store: SQL, No-SQL (MongoDB), Document Databases, Redis
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, TeamCity, Jenkins, Octopus, Azure, AWS


  • Monolith to Micro Services
  • Distributed systems
  • Cloud native applications
  • REST over HTTP / GRPC
  • Highly scalable and available systems
  • Achieving Higher ROI
  • Creating CI/CD pipeline
  • Styles: Service-oriented, Domain-driven. Event-driven, Pub-Sub, N-tier, Monolith


  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Culture Carrier
  • Servant Leadership
  • Pair and Mob Programming
  • Developing Best practices
  • Adaptive, Delegation

The Essentials

What verticals are you most interested in?

Real-Estate, FinTech, Healthcare, Social Justice/ Government, Education, Service Industry

What business models are you excited about?

Open Source, Freemium, SaaS, Licensing, B2B, and B2C

What technologies are you excited about?

Web/Mobile applications (.NET, JavaScript, Python), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision

The Assets

Screenshots, decks, and docs: click to get the goods.

The right partner

What Nik is looking for in a co-founder

Nik is looking for a co-founder with domain expertise along with marketing, sales, and/or finance skills. He is looking for someone who can prove the product market fit with measurable data-points. His co-founder believes in hustle and continuously look for client feedback to improve the product.

He is looking for a co-founder/team with a willingness to learn, fearless to try, and the courage to fail. His ideal co-founder would possess collaborative skills to build a team, scale the product, and most importantly understand the value proposition. If co-founder also shares Nik’s “paying it forward” mindset, that’s a bonus point.

Required compensation








Chicago, Remote

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