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John Heeter

John Heeter, Boid

John graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus in special effects and interactive design. John found his niche at the intersection between technical and creative teams, where he was adept at translating ideas across ideological divides as a technical director. After 6 years making videogames, John was eager for a new challenge and looking for an opportunity to make a real impact. It was around this time in 2015 that John discovered Gridcoin, an innovative cryptocurrency that made him second guess his assumptions about currency. Upon further research, John realized how blockchain technology can be used to quantify the value of things that previously held zero value.

Within three months of wrapping his head around blockchain technology, John started a new company with a newfound co-founder and moved in with his parents to focus on his new venture full-time. In August 2016, His first startup, Suchflex was accepted into the Alchemist accelerator in the SF Bay area. After Suchflex, John continued to consult with blockchain startups in the Bay areas and develop prototypes for his next project Boid: The Social Supercomputer.

John's skills

Full stack engineering

GraphQL API + SQL, VueJS

Serverless architecture with AWS Lambda

John's team

Jose Luis Romero Fernández - COO - Strategy/Marketing entrepreneur. Founded BMM (a platform for influencers in the gaming vertical) and Abroadwith (airbnb for language travel).

Justin Suttmiller - CPO - Growth Hacker Entrepreneur with extensive product management background.

Scott Mattson - VP Partnerships - Founded Customer Support Networks where he builds and operates end-to-end CRM and support solutions for AAA multi-player, mobile, social media, console and online games.

Boid app

The product

The Boid Platform is a website and set of native applications.

Users can install the Boid application on their devices to contribute unused computing resources (CPU, GPU, HDD, Bandwidth) towards various blockchain protocols. Additionally, users can contribute resources towards important distributed science projects that have a real-world impact.

All of their contributions accumulate in their account, measured with a proprietary metric called “Boid Power”. Boid Power can be used to generate cryptocurrency the user can redeem, or donate towards partner charities in epic fundraising events. Boid is unique because we prioritize user accessibility and viral network effects while most blockchain projects focus solely on technical innovations. Boid is the fun and social gateway into the new economy for the 99.9% of people who haven’t participated in cryptocurrency yet.

The Essentials


1500 twitter followers and 2k emails registered to participate in the alpha and BOID token airdrop. Preliminary partnerships with various EOS and NGO communities who reach 10k - 300k community members.

How does it make money?

Boid Inc. retains a percentage of the earnings generated by users. Additionally, we will roll out a sponsored marketplace, and sell additional features and services in the Boid ecosystem.

How do you get customers?

We reach out to cryptocurrency community influencers and youtube gaming channels.

What does MVP look like?

The Boid alpha features the ability to contribute CPU resources to generate Boid Power by running the web app or installing the (Windows + MacOS) desktop app. Initially, the user can earn BOID tokens, which will be tradable on exchanges later this month.

Users can contribute on global leaderboards, as part of teams that are ranked based on total Boid Power generated. Users can invite their friends, and earn a small amount of Boid Power when their friends run the app. Soon, users will be able to contribute GPU resources with Proof-of-Work mining, and redeem their earnings in multiple popular cryptocurrencies instead of just the BOID token. Additionally, after the token launch on August 15th, we will be onboarding non-profit charity partners that teams can delegate a percentage of their earnings towards.

The Assets

Screenshots, decks, and docs: click to get the goods.

The right candidate

What John is looking for in a co-founder

The perfect co-founder is an engineer with good business sense. John is currently the only engineer on the team and needs someone to help lighten the load.

The offer









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